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Slimelight Information
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Membership Renewal

Membership is renewable annually and currently costs 5. If you come to the club just as your card is due to expire, you will pay an extra 5 on top of the normal members entrance fee, and your card will be renewed for you. If your card has expired (even if it is 2 or 3 years old!!) you can renew by just coming to the club, paying the members entrance fee plus a renewal fee (this depends on how old the card is - minimum 5, maximum 10) on top, and again, your card will be renewed. If you've lost your old card, you should still be able to renew, as your details should still be on the membership database - which will be searched on your arrival once you provide some details.
You can also renew your card by post if you wish - ring the Slimelight office for more details.
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