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Set Lists
 Webbed Cyber Head
DJ Steve's selected set lists.

I've played many bands and tracks from the ebm, synth-pop, tbm, electro, futurepop, industrial, new romantic/futurist and goth scene over the years, as well as crossover industrial / indie / alternative. I spin weekly on floor 1 (the middle floor), with the odd slot on floor two.
Most of the set lists listed are displayed in alphabetical order and from Slimelight. I will dig out some sets from 2004-2008 at some point, as well as a few WGT sets. I also found the first Slimelight set (from 1995) I ever played recently.
Dance Floor 1
Plays darkwave, ebm, synthpop, industrial, and goth.
Dance Floor 2
Plays hardcore industrial, powernoise, dark-techno, harsh ebm and some crossover sounds.
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